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Bayer Nebido 1000mg/4ml [4ml amp]

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Andriol, Androxon, Panteston, Restande, Undestor, Nebido, Alpha Pharma Testobolin-XR


Therapeutic application:

Replacement therapy for male hypogonadism, impotence in endocrine-conditioned and some disorders of spermatogenesis, osteoporosis caused by androgen deprivation.



This is a relatively new anabolic-androgenic steroid, which is coupled with methyltestosterone as a single oral formulation containing the active form of testosterone. Classic testosterone, administered orally, lives is immediately inactivated by the liver. Testosterone undecanoate is usually reabsorbed by the lymphatic system, which bypasses the liver preserving their vigorousness. Aromatized only the minimum amount of what they used mainly anabolic consumers who are less tolerant standard testosterone, but also those who are preparing for the competition (allegedly have very short detection time). Another advantage testosterone undecanoate is the fact that it does not affect the body's own natural production of testosterone, perhaps only at a disproportionately high doses and long term exploitation. They show the significant progress and has strength and more muscle, which can result in the composition either alone, but most often in combination with other anabolic-androgenic agents.


Adverse effects:

Anabolic consumers but also familiar with the negatives. It is above all the need to administer high daily dose, and in order to reproduce the desired results. This fact is usually explained mostly short-lived, as testosterone undecanoate is rapidly degraded and excreted from the body in urine. This is sometimes supported by the argument that the means used and those athletes who expect the possibility that it will be subject to doping control.


Abused benefits:

Available information suggests that, in order to reproduce the desired results (ie, increase strength and mass), doping consumers most frequently abused 120-280 mg daily formulation, divided into three doses. It is argued that it is best taken after meals to increase absorption. The international literature mentions the frequent combination with oxandrolone with nandrolone decanoate and phenylpropionate, stanozolol, or with highly toxic anabolic-androgenic steroids (eg. Oxymetholone), which allegedly produces massive muscle gains.